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Books by Yoland Brown

In addition to Zanzibar, May Allen and the East African Slave Trade, Yoland has written several local history books:

Ruyton XI Towns, Unusual Name Unusual History
Boreatton Park,
a history of the home of Dame Agnes Hunt

Unfortunately, the histories of Ruyton XI Towns and Boreatton Park are at present out of print.

A Walk Through Ruyton XI Towns
A short tour of the  village together with some stories of important names and families. The Guide is available at 3.50 plus postage.

A Pictorial History of Ruyton and the XI Towns

Yoland is the Editor and Compiler of  this book which  contains over 200 photographs showing the townships past and present selected from a huge number submitted by local people. The pictures are accompanied by extended captions giving an insight into the history of the area. It is available at 8 plus postage.

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Books by Roger Brown

Roger has written several books before The Cost of Gardening
but very few of you will have the slightest interest as they are all on testing polymers.
Titles currently available are:

Handbook of Polymer Testing, Editor, 1999, Marcel Dekker, New York
Physical Testing of Rubber, Author, 1974, 86, 96, 2006, Springer, New York

Practical Guide to the Assessment of Useful Life of Elastomers, Author, 2001, Rapra Technology, Shawbury
Practical Guide to the Assessment of Useful Life of Plastics. Co-Author, 2002, Rapra Technology, Shawbury
Short Term Mechanical Tests, Editor, 2002, Rapra Technology, Shawbury
50 Years of Polymer Testing, Author, 2009, Smithers Rapra, Shawbury

Rapra Review Reports:
Polymers in Sport and Leisure, 1989, 2001
Physical Testing of Rubbers, 1992
Long Term and Accelerated Ageing Tests on Rubbers, 2000
Rubber Product Failure, 2002

Polymers in Agriculture and Horticulture, 2004

The following are probably no longer available:

Guide to Rubber and Plastics Test Equipment
Playground Safety Surfacing
Handbook of Plastics Test Methods
Measurement Techniques for Polymeric Solids

He is also editor of Polymer Testing Journal published by Elsevier

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